Accu-Tie Railroad Ties

Our railroad ties are designed to help take all of the “hard” work out of laying 1.5” scale track. Whether it’s a club or a back yard layout, our product is designed with the end user in mind.

Our ties are injection molded to the standard 16 inch length, which means no more cutting pressure treated wood to size. Each tie has molded in tie plates, essentially turning each tie into a rail gauge, no more crawling around gauging rail all day.

Each tie is injection molded out of high quality recycled polypropylene which helps us to keep our cost lower than the price of a pressure treated wood tie, plus manufacturer direct pricing guarantees the lowest cost to the customer.




To place a order please call us at 330-346-0496.   Due to the size and volume of most of our products we can get you better shipping rates and options by handling your order personally!  Plus we love talking to our customers!


Part No.
Product Description
Price/Box (42 pc)
7 5/8 gauge for 7 1/2″ gauge engine fits 7/8″ base.
7 5/8 gauge for 7 1/2″ gauge engine fits 15/16″ base.
7 3/8 gauge for 7 1/4″ gauge engine fits 15/16″ base.
7 1/2″ gauge for 7 1/2″ gauge engine fits 15/16″ base.



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