About Us

Having a passion for 1.5” scale trains and owning a family business that specializes in plastic injection molding brought us to the idea of making an alternative to the classic wooden tie. We wanted to create a plastic tie that would save time and make track laying easy. With the invention of our plastic tie with built-in tie plates and molded in holes, we make track easy to assemble and our ties always keep your rail in gauge.

As our own interests and customer base grows so does our product line. We are continuing to innovate and create new items. Based out of Kent, Ohio, with a distributor in Nevada, we can get you products no matter where you are at! We have shipped as far away as Australia and New Zealand. We work directly with customers to give the best price, best service and the best experience possible while using our products.

Our Team

Martin A. Meluch – Owner
Valent L. Meluch – Owner
Jimmy Clint – Sales Representative

Debbie Carpenter – Customer Service


Accu-Tie Rail System is a division of Enterprise Plastics Inc. based out of Kent Ohio.